THE 2021 SPRING SEASON BEGINS SATURDAY, MAY 1st AND RUNS THROUGH SATURDAY, JUNE 19th (7 weeks, excluding Memorial Day Weekend, 5/29/21). Matches begin at 1:00PM unless otherwise coordinated between both captains.


DEFAULT STARTING TIME: If captains cannot agree on a mutually acceptable time to play the matches on Saturday, 1PM is the "Default starting time". While we encourage everyone to work out their own times, and usually rely on the HOME team to propose the most acceptable options at their club for each match, if neither team can reach consensus, and 1PM does not work, neither team will receive points for unplayed matches. A team that can play at 1PM, where the other cannot, will be awarded the points equal to the amount of unplayed matches.

DEFAULTING: If a team is guilty of forfeiting 2 or more matches twice in a season (due to lack of players), the team is subject to being suspended from participating in the NJTL the following year.
The League will monitor and make any adjustments necessary.

POST & PRE PLAY RULE: With the exception of weather, the league is not permitting Post-play of any matches (Beyond Sunday of the scheduled weekend match). All 5 matches must be played by the scheduled weekend (or defaults will be assigned). Therefore, review all schedules and determine the viability of pre-playing any matches prior to a conflicting weekend. Pre-playing matches, upon mutual agreement between both captains are acceptable. Report these results during proper week.

PRO PLAY RULE: 1 PRO can participate in the League play for the A/B/C/D Divisions ONLY. No PROs are to play in the E/F/G Divisions unless mutually agreed to by both captains in order to fill-out the team. No points will be awarded for the match played by a PRO in E/F/G/H unless both captains officially agreed to count the match prior to the start of play. Please notify your opponent when/if utilizing a PRO and at what position based on appropriateness. *Definition of a Pro: Any person receiving compensation from a) a club within the NJTL, or b) a person(s) for private tennis lessons. If more than one pro is needed to fill-out a team, you must get mutual consent from the opposing captain. The League encourages play versus defaults, but all exceptions require the mutual consent of both captains.

ELIGIBILITY: Men, Women, and Junior who are active club members in good standing can play in the NJTL. An individual can play for more than 1 club on the same weekend if they are in different divisions or can play only once a weekend for teams that play in the same division, and this person is an active member of both clubs.

ZERO POINT RULE: If matches are not played on fair weather days (and the 1pm default time or mutual rescheduling prior to Sunday PM cannot be arranged), there will be NO POINTS awarded to either team. If neither team can play on a fair weather day then the zero point rule takes effect, however if one team is able to play and the other team cannot, it is counted as a default on the team who cannot play.

ATTIRE: Assume all white attire w/collared shirts unless otherwise known. The NJTL Website will post club attire restrictions as we know/receive them and can be found on the Clubs/Directions and Teams tabs.

POSTING: All captains should (Home team MUST) post results online by Monday morning after every match. There will be NO posting allowed beyond 11:59pm on Monday's following match play, unless a weather related issue occurs. All weather delays MUST also be reported online in the Report Scores tab, in order to allow for future posting of matches. It is suggested that you download a copy of the Score Sheets to keep a physical record of the results as well.

RAIN-OUTS Should try to be rescheduled for the Sunday immediately following the scheduled date and No Later than one week after the league concludes. (We have a very tight season!) Don't wait to reschedule and please advise the league of your plans. Captains from both teams have to mutually agree on a rescheduled date. Although there is no obligation/requirement to make-up the match, we highly encourage captains to work it out and try to play tennis, especially if it matters to at least one of the team's overall standings. If unable to agree on a time to play before our league cutoff, both teams will be awarded 1/2 point for each match un-played. If rescheduling the same players becomes an issue, captains may elect to use other members of their team, who did not already play that scheduled week for their club. Further, if a match gets rained out in the middle of play, and the players never discussed or mutually agreed how to determine a winner in this instance (i.e. whoever was ahead at the time of postponement is declared the winner), then the match must be rescheduled no later than 1 week after the end of the regular season starting at the score of the last complete game played (i.e. if server is up 6-4, 4-1, 40-15 when rain stops play, that game is not complete, and the resumed play begins with this person's serve at LOVE-LOVE, at whatever game and set count was officially recorded at that time, in this case 6-4, 4-1). If the match never gets replayed, 1/2 point will be awarded to both teams for that match at the end of the season by the league administrator.

30 MINUTE RULE If weather is poor, delaying play while all players are present, there is no obligation to extend wait time beyond 30 minutes, at which time captains can suggest rescheduling and posting the matches as a rainout. Additionally, if players are more than 30 minutes late to a match, the match can be considered defaulted and points awarded to the opposing team if so chosen by the captain of players present.

FORMAT & SCORING: FIVE MATCHES (POINTS) are to be played every week. Captains can agree on the team format each week (2 SINGLES, 3 DOUBLES is the standard, and to be used as the default format). For example, if both clubs prefer to play all doubles, that is acceptable and should be reported as such. Each match should be played 2 out of 3 sets, with each set playing a tiebreaker if necessary. Only if both teams agree, can a 3rd set tiebreaker be played instead of a full set to determine the winner. For mutual defaults, no points will be awarded to either team.

TIE BREAKER RULE: All sets are decided by the official Coman 12 point Tiebreak: (First to 7, win by 2). At a score of 6–6, The Coman 12 Point Tie Breaker is played exactly the same as a USTA 12 Point Tie Breaker (more commonly referred to as a 7 Point Tie Breaker), except that teams change court ends every 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th, 21st, etc. (instead of every 6 points in a USTA 12 Point Tie Breaker) until a team wins 7 points by a 2 point margin and thus wins the set 7-6. Points are counted using ordinary numbering. The player whose turn it is to serve after 6–6 is the first one to serve in the tie break and they begin their service from the deuce court serving one point. After the 1st point, the teams change court ends and continue to change court ends on every 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th, 21st, etc. point with each player serving in rotation for 2 points (serving one from the “ad” side of the court first and the other from the “deuce” side of the court) until a team wins 7 points by a 2 point margin and thus wins the set 7-6. At the end of the tie break the players switch ends of the court again since the final set score is always odd (13 games). The team that served first in the set that ended in the tie breaker receives service in the following set.

ADVANCEMENT: The top 2 teams from every division will qualify to move up a Division for the next season, whereas the bottom 2 will move down. The only exception is that Division A only moves 1 team down and Division B only moves 1 team up and 2 teams down (subject to final review by NJTL management).

FEES: The entry Fee of $300 PER TEAM, PAYABLE TO S&A Event Services c/o NJTL, mailed to: S&A Event Services, 11 Old Kings Hwy, Norwalk, CT 06850

Fees MUST be paid by April 10th annually to participate or be subject to another team being invited from the waitlist to participate. Please contact the NJTL if you need an INVOICE.

REMINDER: Check all schedules for accuracy and review with every player on your team prior to the start of league play.
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